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Bold (4 theme bundle) - 2.1

4.00/5 (4 投票数).

This theme is Paid. Please follow the link in the blue box above to purchase.


Introducing Bold - A dark glyph theme, with just a splash of color, for iPhone and iPad. Also included in this bundle are 3 of my other most popular themes, Ares: Remastered, Cirph, and Magnum, as well as all of their custom icons, logos, batteries, etc.

This bundle includes the following:

  • 4 full, hand designed themes (Bold, Ares: Remastered, Cirph, and Magnum)
  • 3 Custom Alkaline battery themes (Ares, Cirph, and Magnum)
  • Custom Status bar themes
  • Customized Control Center glyphs and Music playback controls
  • A new lockglyph icon

Please request icons you would like to see added via my website HERE!

Look for me as Easy_Toast on Reddit :)