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Subtle 10 - 1.5

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Welcome to Subtle10 - I love iOS' flat design, and the color schemes, but what I've noticed is that there is a lot of inconsistency between icons. If you've noticed, some icons have MUCH bigger icons, some with bright colors, others with a more skeuomorphic look.

I am big on minimalism and consistency so I decided to alter my icons a little bit to make them all look like they belong together, while still keeping their original essence and feel.

This theme includes the following:

  • Over 160 hand crafted icons
  • Dark glyph versions of these icons
  • Alternate versions of some icons (Messages, Settings)
  • Custom designed Battery, Wifi, and Cellular icons

Please request icons you would like to see added via my website HERE!

Look for me as Easy_Toast on Reddit :)


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